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Jenfruzz By Thiefoworld by JenFruzz

I'm Jen, a 27 year old, occasionally-snarky nature photographer from Massachusetts, USA and a deviant since 2004. You'll find me featuring artists, hanging out in the chat rooms (specifically #ThumbHub, #welcome, and #devart), lurking in the forums, and ALWAYS browsing art! Because there are plenty of talented artists to keep me browsing 4ever :stare:

Feel free to send me a message if you need help with anything :) I'm always willing to lend a hand or direct you to someone who can.

Fun Fact: I am Deviant #1,020,294.
FruzzStare Reaches The Stars by TheGalleryOfEve
Happy Deviating! :D

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I was awarded the Angels without Wings feature for December 2016. So thankful for the recognition- thank you!
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Artist Showcase, Ep. 19: Nikonfinest

Mon Jan 16, 2017, 10:04 AM

Hello everyone! Thanks for taking a look at this revival episode of my Artist Showcase series. I ran this series originally between 2014 and 2015 to highlight some outstanding community members and give you a peek into their galleries and artistic lifestyles. In recent months, I've been thinking about how to revamp the series to make it more personal and relevant. I hope to publish at least two of these per month going forward! I've had the chance to meet some really fantastic deviants with this series and watch them evolve into some very recognizable community members today.

It has always been important to me to recognize artists who are up-and-coming on DA. So I am revamping the core idea of the Artist Showcase series. I'll be focusing on community members who may still be considered undiscovered in an effort to well... help them a bit further on their path to discovery, woo!

This series isn't possible without your involvement! From the beginning, I have sought out and depended upon you to send me suggestions of artists who deserve more recognition for their work. So please continue to send me usernames for the series by sending me a note on DA! And share this episode in your status updates... Help expose these artists to more people!

For this first revival episode, I had the pleasure of interviewing Nikonfinest, a photographer from the Pacific Northwest who was suggested to me by RMS-OLYMPIC! Their gallery immediately appealed to me with their bright colors and apparent love of nature photography (call me biased, perhaps? hehe). Let's dive in!

All of the colors of you by NikonfinestYour heart is frozen by Nikonfinest
Who is Nikonfinest? Tell us all about yourself!
Nikonfinest: Hello, my name is Cody A. (Nikonfinest), I am a student photographer from the beautiful Pacific Northwest. As of now my photography is just a hobby, but as a high school student I hope in the future I can make it a profession. My biggest dream is to be a photojournalist, and that dream is getting more and more real with all of the love and support I have received here.

T R U T H by NikonfinestTo feel your touch by Nikonfinest

How did you first get started in the art you're doing today? What motivates you to keep going?
Nikonfinest: The road to being the photographer that I am today is one that is quite unusual. When I was 7 years old I got my very first camera, and a couple years later at the age of 11, I invested in little bit better one, till finally at the age of 13 I got my first professional camera. This camera that I got, is the one that I still have today actually, a Nikon D3100. When I first picked up a camera I knew that it was what I was supposed to do, and perhaps that's why I started taking photos as such a young age. 

I would have to say what motivates me to keep going is truly all of the support I get on this wonderful website, everyone is always so kind and inspires me. I have also found that I receive some of the best advice on this site as well! As I said before, all of this support really encouraged me to pursue a career in photography so I hope one day I can become a photojournalist, and do what I love.

How did you first discover DeviantArt and what keeps you here in the community?
Nikonfinest: I first discovered Deviantart from my sister yallcor actually who is a great artist, she actually told be that it was a really great community, and inspired me to put my artworks on this site, I am so glad I did!  My favorite part of Deviantart would have to be the people! All of my watchers are awesome, and such great artists!

I am involved in Deviantart outside of posting artworks. I actually am Co-founder of a couple of groups, and try to suggest DD’s whenever possible. I also try and comment on nearly every one of my watchers works, when I am not busy, to try and spread of of the joy that initially got me interested in this site. Finally, I try and donate points to artists who need it, or artists who inspire me greatly.

Autumnal equinox by Nikonfinest
What are your "tools of the trade"? What type of materials/equipment/software do you use?
NikonfinestMy tools of the trade include my Nikon D3100, various Vivitar macro lenses, Nikkor lenses, and a tripod, nothing too fancy. I also use different types of software such as google Nik software for editing. However, there are always a myriad of different items that I use to create different pieces, this can range from a Candy Cane, to Christmas lights, you never know. :) (Smile)

Could you tell us a little about what went into creating this piece?
E X P L O S I O N by Nikonfinest

Nikonfinest: The piece you mentioned “EXPLOSION” had a lot of different concepts that went into making it. Mainly, it was a matter of luck, as I was taking a stroll through my garden and captured this bit of frost hanging on to a stem. It was also hard trying to get my macro lenses focused on the frost perfectly as well :) (Smile) Probably the most work that went into creating this piece was the editing, and getting the focus and coloring just how I wanted it.

What is something you know now that you wish you had known when first starting out?
NikonfinestTo simply read the directions of my camera more thoroughly, and to watch all the education videos possible about the inner workings of a camera. If I had done this I think I would have improved much quicker and had a better understanding, and connection with my photography. This is definitely my biggest advice to someone starting out, and something I wish I had known, no matter how simple it is.

Declare Independence* by NikonfinestTo see you again by Nikonfinest

Thank you for your time, Nikonfinest! Can't wait to see what lies ahead in your artistic journey!


I hadn't updated my feature archive in over a year and a half... Was bored tonight. And updated it.

Keep making awesome art you guys. I LOVE FEATURING IT (clearly :| )
This just in...

According to efelidi, morbidman187 is a love guru.

Who knew?!
So, tonight I held a mini, 30-minute Art Challenge with some of TsaoShin's followers on Discord. It was fun! We pointed at something random in our surroundings and then created something artistic with it. Drawings, paintings, lit, photos... We did well!

You should give it a try! Close your eyes, point around your room for 10 seconds. After 10 seconds, stop moving, open your eyes... And whatever you are pointing at becomes your subject. Give yourself 30 minutes and post the result in my comment section here!

Here are some of the pieces that were uploaded to DA from the Discord channel! :la:

A Teddy Bear's Heart - FreewriteThe white teddy bear, despite her age, seemed to be in fine condition.  Unfortunately, she had spent most of her life on a shelf before finding herself packed away into a box during one year’s spring cleaning.  The girl whose bedroom the bear had sat in took one look at the dated red and green dress, wrinkled her nose, and dropped the bear in with the other older plushes.  After all, the girl had plenty of new ones to play with, fancy unicorns that sang and furry puppies that barked.
But today, for the first time in several years, the white bear saw sunlight again.
The girl’s father finished hammering a sign into the grass, the words YARD SALE painted on it in bright blue.  The white teddy bear leaned into the girl’s hand as she rearranged the old stuffed animals and children’s books at the table she was in charge of managing.  The bear remembered watching that girl sleep when she was little, shooing off nightmares and weeping when she m
  Day 76 - Mouse by sneakywolf117   :For a contest: yey by XxBabyBlue   Pencil-Sharpener by SilverSugar   Drawingchallenge by jessieiii   The Handle by JenFruzz


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